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    Here Comes a Candle by Fredric Brown (E.P. Dutton, June 1950, $2.50, 256pp, hc)
        Mystery novel.

    His Name Was Death by Fredric Brown (E.P. Dutton, June 1, 1954, $2.75, 191pp, hc)
        Mystery novel.

    Hunter and Hunted: The Ed and Am Hunter Novels, Part One by Fredric Brown (Stewart Masters Publishing, June 2002, 0-9718185-0-9, $29.99, xi+620pp, hc, cover by Stephan Tsochandaris)
        Omnibus of the first four “Ed and Am Hunter” novels. A limited edition (-1-7) was announced but not seen. Volume one in the “Fredric Brown Mystery Library” series.

    Knock Three-One-Two by Fredric Brown (E.P. Dutton, August 1959, $2.95, 190pp, hc)
        Mystery novel.

    The Late Lamented by Fredric Brown (E.P. Dutton, February 12, 1959, 192pp, hc) [Ed & Am Hunter]
        Private investigator novel. Volume six in the series.

    The Lenient Beast by Fredric Brown (E.P. Dutton, April 10, 1956, 1-78002-012-0, 191pp, hc)
        Mystery novel.

    The Lights in the Sky Are Stars by Fredric Brown (E.P. Dutton, October 1953, $3.00, 254pp, hc)
        SF novel.

    Madball by Fredric Brown (Dell, August 1953, 25¢, 192pp, pb)
        Mystery novel.

    Martians and Madness: The Complete SF Novels of Fredric Brown by Fredric Brown (NESFA Press, September 2002, 1-886778-17-5, $29.00, 633pp, hc, cover by Bob Eggleton)
        Omnibus of five SF novels: What Mad Universe (1949), The Lights in the Sky are Stars (1953), Martians, Go Home (1955), Rogue in Space (1957), and The Mind Thing (1961), plus two novellas rewritten and incorporated into Rogue in Space. This has a 1978 introduction by Philip Klass.

    The Mind Thing by Fredric Brown (Bantam, January 1961, A2187, 35¢, 149pp, pb)
        SF novel.

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