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Magazine Name Website/e-mail Country Genre
A&U US Little/Literary
Abyss & Apex US SF/Fantasy/Weird
A Capella Zoo US Little/Literary
Active Life   UK Non-Fiction
Acumen UK Little/Literary
AE Canada SF/Fantasy/Weird
African American Review US Little/Literary
Agni US Little/Literary
Air Mail UK Non-Fiction
Alaska Quarterly Review US Little/Literary
Albedo One Ireland SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Alembic US Little/Literary
Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine US Mystery/Detective
Alien Dimensions US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Aliterate US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Allen K's Inhuman Magazine US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Alligator Juniper US Little/Literary
Braille Monitor US General
Amazing Stories US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Ambit UK Little/Literary
Health Magazine US Non-Fiction
The American Legion US Non-Fiction
American Letters and Commentary US Little/Literary
American Literary Review US Little/Literary
The American Reader US Little/Literary
The American Scholar US Little/Literary
American Way US Non-Fiction
Analog US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Anathema: Spec from the Margins Canada SF/Fantasy/Weird
Andromeda Spaceways Magazine Australia SF/Fantasy/Weird
Another Chicago Magazine US Little/Literary
Anotherealm US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Antigonish Review US Little/Literary
The Antioch Review US Little/Literary
Antipodean SF Australia SF/Fantasy/Weird
Antipodes US Little/Literary
Apex Magazine US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Aphelion (online) US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Appalachian Heritage US Little/Literary
Appearances   US Little/Literary
Aquarius   UK Little/Literary
Arc (1985) Canada Non-Fiction
The Archive US Little/Literary
Ares Magazine [2014] US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Aethlon US Little/Literary
Areté [1999] UK Little/Literary
US Adventure/War, Saucy
Argosy [2013] UK Adventure/War
Arizona Quarterly US Little/Literary
Ars Medica Canada Non-Fiction
The Artist's Chronicle Australia Little/Literary
ASI Magazine US Non-Fiction
Asimov's Science Fiction US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Astropoetica US  
Atlanta Review US Little/Literary
The Atlantic US Little/Literary
The Audient Void US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Aura Literary/Arts Review US Little/Literary
Aurealis (online) Australia SF/Fantasy/Weird
Aurora Wolf US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Australian Women's Weekly   Australia Non-Fiction
Awesome Tales US Adventure/War
The Baffler US Little/Literary
Bahamut US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Baltimore Review US Little/Literary
Banana Wings   UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Bards and Sages Quarterly
US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Barely Evil Magazine US Non-Fiction
The Bark US Non-Fiction
Bella UK Non-Fiction
The Bellingham Review US Little/Literary
Beloit Fiction Journal US Little/Literary
Beneath Ceaseless Skies US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Berkeley Fiction Review US Little/Literary
Bête Noire US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Bethesda Magazine US Non-Fiction
Betty Fedora US Mystery/Detective
Bewildering Stories US SF/Fantasy/Weird
BFS Horizons UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
BFS Journal UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
BFS Monthly Story UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Big Fiction US General
The Big Issue UK Non-Fiction
Black Cat Mystery Magazine [2017] US Mystery/Detective
Black Girl Magic Lit Mag US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Black Mask
US Mystery/Detective
Black Petals (online) US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Black Static UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Black Warrior Review US Little/Literary
Blast Off Australia Juvenile
Blood 'n' Thunder US  
Bloodbond US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Blood Red Experiment   US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Blue Monday Review   US Little/Literary
Bomb US Little/Literary
Border Crossings Canada Little/Literary
Boston Review (online) US Little/Literary
Boulevard US Little/Literary
Bourbon Penn US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Boys' Life (US) US Juvenile
The Briar Cliff Review US Little/Literary
Broadswords and Blasters US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Bronze Gazette (fnz)   US  
Buffalo Spree US Non-Fiction
Café Irreal US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Cairn   US Little/Literary
Callaloo US Little/Literary
Calyx US Little/Literary
Candis UK Non-Fiction
The Capilano Review Canada Little/Literary
Capricious New Zealand SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Carolina Quarterly US Little/Literary
Carve Magazine US Non-Fiction
Catamaran Literary Reader US Little/Literary
Catch US Little/Literary
Cemetery Dance US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Cemetery Dance Online US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Chaffin Journal US Little/Literary
Challenger US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Chapman UK Little/Literary
The Chariton Review US Little/Literary
Chat UK Non-Fiction
The Chattahoochee Review US Little/Literary
The Chicago Review US Little/Literary
Chilling Tales UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Chiron Review US Little/Literary
Chronicles US Non-Fiction
Cicada US Juvenile
Cimarron Review US Little/Literary
Cirsova US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Clackamas Literary Review US Little/Literary
The Claremont Review Canada Little/Literary
Clarkesworld US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Classic Trains US Non-Fiction
Cleveland Plain Dealer US General
Collier's US General
Colorado Review US Little/Literary
The Colored Lens US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Columbia US Non-Fiction
Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art US Little/Literary
The Columbia Review US Little/Literary
Commentary US Little/Literary
Compelling Science Fiction US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Concho River Review
US Little/Literary
US Little/Literary
Congress Magazine US General
Conjunctions US Little/Literary
Connecticut Review   US Little/Literary
Copper Nickel US Little/Literary
Cosmopolitan US Non-Fiction
Cosmopolitan (UK) UK Non-Fiction
Cottonwood US Little/Literary
Country Life UK Non-Fiction
Cowboys & Indians US Western
Crab Orchard Review US Little/Literary
Crazyhorse US Little/Literary
Cream City Review US Little/Literary
Cricket US Juvenile
Crimespree Magazine US Mystery/Detective
Crime Syndicate Magazine US Mystery/Detective
Crimewave UK Mystery/Detective
The Crisis US Non-Fiction
Crypt of Cthulhu US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Cutbank US Little/Literary
Cyäegha UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Daily Mail   UK Non-Fiction
Daily Science Fiction US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Dalhousie Review US Little/Literary
Damned Thing US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Dargonzine US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Dark US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Dark Corners [2014]   US General
Dark Discoveries US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Dark Man: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies   US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Dark Moon Digest US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Dark Tales UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
December: A Magazine of the Arts & Opinion US Little/Literary
Deep Magic US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Denver Quarterly US Little/Literary
Descant (US) US Little/Literary
Devolution Z Canada SF/Fantasy/Weird
Diabolical Plots US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Digest Enthusiast US General
Signature US Non-Fiction
Disturbed US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Barely South Review US Little/Literary
Donald Trump. The Magazine of Poetry US General
Double Feature Magazine US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Down & Out: The Magazine US  
Dream Catcher UK Little/Literary
Dreams and Nightmares US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Earth's Daughters US Little/Literary
Easyriders   US Non-Fiction
Ebony US Non-Fiction
E'ch Pi El UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Eclectic US Little/Literary
Ecotone US Little/Literary
Edinburgh Review [1969] UK Little/Literary
Eldritch Tales   US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Electric Spec US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Elks Magazine US Non-Fiction
Elle (US) US Little/Literary
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine US Mystery/Detective
Ember US Juvenile
Epoch US Little/Literary
Esopus US Little/Literary
Esquire US Non-Fiction
Esquire (UK) UK Non-Fiction
Essence US Non-Fiction
Event Canada Little/Literary
Exile [1972] Canada Little/Literary
Expanded Horizons US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Faerie Magazine US Non-Fiction
Fairy Tale Review US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Family Circle (US) US Non-Fiction
Famous Fantastic Mysteries
US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Fantasia Divinity Magazine US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Fantasist US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Fantasy Magazine (online) US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Fantasy Scroll Magazine US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Farrago's Wainscot US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Fate US  
Faultline US Little/Literary
Faunus   UK Non-Fiction
FemSpec US Non-Fiction
Fence US Little/Literary
Fiction [1972] US Little/Literary
Fiction Feast
UK General
Fiction International US Little/Literary
Fiction River UK General
The Fiddlehead Canada Little/Literary
Field and Stream US Non-Fiction
Fiesta [1956] UK Saucy
Fifth Di… US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Fireside Fiction (online) US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The First Line US Little/Literary
580 Split US Little/Literary
Five Points US Little/Literary
Fiyah US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Flash Fiction Online US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Flashing Blades UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Florida Review US Little/Literary
Flyway US Little/Literary
Folio US Little/Literary
VFW Magazine US Non-Fiction
Forever Magazine US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Foundation UK  
Fourteen Hills: The SFSU Review US Little/Literary
The Frogmore Papers UK Little/Literary
FrostFire Worlds US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Fugue US Little/Literary
Fungi (Quarterly) US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Future Fire UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Galaxy's Edge US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Gamut Magazine US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Gargoyle (US) US Little/Literary
Geist Canada Little/Literary
GQ US Saucy
The Georgia Review US Little/Literary
The Gettysburg Review US Little/Literary
Ghostlight US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Ghosts & Scholars M.R. James Newsletter UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Giganotosaurus US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Girls' Life Magazine US Juvenile
Glamour (US) US Non-Fiction
Glimmer Train US Little/Literary
Goblin Fruit US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Going Down Swinging Australia Little/Literary
Gold Dust Magazine UK Little/Literary
Good Housekeeping (US) US Non-Fiction
Good Housekeeping (UK) UK Non-Fiction
Grain Canada Little/Literary
Granta [1979] UK Little/Literary
Grantville Gazette US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Graphic Classics US Non-Fiction
The Green Hills Literary Lantern US Little/Literary
Green Mountains Review US Little/Literary
The Greensboro Review US Little/Literary
Grimdark Magazine US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Grit US Non-Fiction
Grotesque Quarterly US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Gunner   UK Non-Fiction
Tales of the Talisman US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Hanging Loose US Little/Literary
Harper's Bazaar US Non-Fiction
Harper's Magazine US Non-Fiction
Harpur Palate US Little/Literary
Hawai'i Review US Little/Literary
Hayden's Ferry Review US Little/Literary
Healing Muse US Non-Fiction
Heavy Metal US Non-Fiction
Hemispheres US Non-Fiction
Heroic Fantasy Quarterly US SF/Fantasy/Weird
High Adventure US Adventure/War
Highlights for Children   US Juvenile
Hinnom Magazine US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Hispanic Culture Review US Little/Literary
Hobart US Little/Literary
Hobo Canada Non-Fiction
The Holly Bough (Ireland)   Ireland Non-Fiction
Homes and Gardens UK Non-Fiction
Honolulu Magazine US Non-Fiction
The Horror Zine US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Hotel Amerika US Little/Literary
The Hudson Review US Little/Literary
Humpty Dumpty's Magazine US Juvenile
Hustler   US Saucy
The Hyborian Gazette   US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Idaho Review US Little/Literary
Ideomancer US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Illumen US  
The Illustrated Ape UK Non-Fiction
Image [1989] US Non-Fiction
Indiana Review US Little/Literary
Interim US Little/Literary
The Interpreter's House UK Little/Literary
Interview US Non-Fiction
Interzone UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Into the Ruins US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Inventory US Little/Literary
The Iowa Review US Little/Literary
Ireland's Own Ireland  
IT (Irish Tatler) Ireland Non-Fiction
The Ivory Tower US Little/Literary
Jabberwock Review US Little/Literary
Jack and Jill [1938] US Juvenile, Story Paper
Jamais Vu   US SF/Fantasy/Weird
James Gunn's Ad Astra US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Jewish Telegraph UK  
The Journal US Little/Literary
The Journal of Experimental Fiction US Little/Literary
Jungle Adventures UK Adventure/War
The Kalahari Review South Africa Little/Literary
Arkansas Review: A Journal of Delta Studies   US Little/Literary
Bluestem US Little/Literary
Kasma SF Magazine Canada SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Kenyon Review US Little/Literary
Keyhole Magazine US Little/Literary
Kzine UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Lackington's US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Lady UK Non-Fiction
Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Lakeside Circus   US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Lapham's Quarterly US Non-Fiction
The L.A. Weekly US Non-Fiction
(The) Leading Edge US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Lightspeed US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Lilith US Little/Literary
Liminality US  
Literal Latté US Little/Literary
The Literary Review (US) US Little/Literary
Little Star Journal [2010] US Little/Literary
London Magazine [1954] UK Little/Literary
Lontar Singapore SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Lorelei Signal US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Louisiana Literature US Little/Literary
Lovecraft's Disciples UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Luna Station Quarterly US SF/Fantasy/Weird
M US Mystery/Detective
Maclean's Canada Non-Fiction
Madison Magazine US Non-Fiction
The Madison Review US Little/Literary
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Malahat Review Canada Little/Literary
Mãnoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing US Little/Literary
Many Mountains Moving US Little/Literary
The Marks and Spencer Magazine   UK Non-Fiction
Mars Hill Review US Little/Literary
The Martian Wave US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Massachusetts Review US Little/Literary
Massacre Magazine US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Match!   US Non-Fiction
Matrix [1974] Canada Little/Literary
Mayfair [1966]   UK Saucy
McSweeney's US Little/Literary
Meanjin Australia Little/Literary
Men Only   UK Non-Fiction
Meridian US Little/Literary
Michigan Quarterly Review US Little/Literary
Mid-American Review US Little/Literary
Midnight Echo Australia SF/Fantasy/Weird
Midstream US Non-Fiction
The Minnesota Review US Little/Literary
Mississippi Review US Little/Literary
The Missouri Review US Little/Literary
Mithila Review US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Mobius US Little/Literary
Model Airplane News US Non-Fiction
AARP: The Magazine US Non-Fiction
Moment US Non-Fiction
Monkey Business US General
Moon City Review US Little/Literary
Moose Magazine US Non-Fiction
Morpheus Tales UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Mslexia UK Non-Fiction
Mysterious Suspense Stories UK Mystery/Detective
Mystery Scene US  
Mystery Weekly Canada Mystery/Detective
Mythic Delirium (online) US SF/Fantasy/Weird
My Weekly UK Story Paper
The NASFA Shuttle US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Nassau Review
US Little/Literary
The Nation [1865]   US Non-Fiction
National Jewish Monthly US Non-Fiction
Storytelling Magazine   US Little/Literary
Natural Bridge US Little/Literary
Nature UK Non-Fiction
Nature Physics UK Non-Fiction
Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine Canada SF/Fantasy/Weird
New American Writing US Little/Literary
New England Review US Little/Literary
New Laurel Review   US Little/Literary
New Letters US Little/Literary
New Millennium Writings US Little/Literary
New Orleans Review US Little/Literary
The New Quarterly Canada Little/Literary
New South US Little/Literary
New Voices US Non-Fiction
The New Yorker US Non-Fiction
The New York Times Magazine US Non-Fiction
Nightgaunt [2015] France SF/Fantasy/Weird
Nightmare US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Nimrod US Little/Literary
Ninth Letter US Little/Literary
Noon US Little/Literary
The North American Review [1964] US Little/Literary
North Carolina Literary Review US Little/Literary
North Dakota Quarterly US Little/Literary
Northwords Now UK Little/Literary
Not One of Us US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Notre Dame Review US Little/Literary
Nova Science Fiction US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Now & Then US Non-Fiction
N+1 US Little/Literary
Nylon US Non-Fiction
Oasis Journal US General
Obsolete! US Non-Fiction
Occult Detective Quarterly Magazine US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Oldie UK Non-Fiction
Omni   US SF/Fantasy/Weird
One Story UK Little/Literary
On Spec Canada SF/Fantasy/Weird
Orbis UK Little/Literary
Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Out of the Shadows UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Outposts of Beyond US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Overland Australia Little/Literary
Owen Wister Review   US Little/Literary
The Oxford American US Little/Literary
Oxford Magazine US Little/Literary
Oyster Boy Review US Little/Literary
Pantheon Magazine US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Parabola US Little/Literary
The Paris Review US Little/Literary
Passages North US Little/Literary
The Peacock's Feet US Little/Literary
Pembroke Magazine US Little/Literary
Penthouse (US) US Saucy
The Sunday People UK Non-Fiction
The People's Friend UK Story Paper
Perihelion US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Persistent Visions US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Phantaxis Canada SF/Fantasy/Weird
Phantom Drift US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Philadelphia Stories US Non-Fiction
Phoebe: A Journal of the Literary Arts US Little/Literary
Phylon US Little/Literary
The Pinch US Little/Literary
The Pioneer [1865] India Non-Fiction
Planetary Stories US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Playboy US Saucy
Pleiades US Little/Literary
Ploughshares US Little/Literary
Pony UK Juvenile, Story Paper
Post Road US Little/Literary
Postscripts UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Postscripts to Darkness Canada SF/Fantasy/Weird
Potomac Review US Little/Literary
Prairie Fire Canada Little/Literary
Prairie Schooner US Little/Literary
Prism International Canada Little/Literary
Private Eye UK Non-Fiction
Prospect [1995] UK Little/Literary
Provincetown Arts US Little/Literary
A Public Space US Little/Literary
Puerto del Sol US Little/Literary
Pulp Adventures US Adventure/War
Pulpdom (online) US General
Pulp Fan US General
Pulphouse Fiction Magazine US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Pulp Literature Canada General
Pulp Modern US Mystery/Detective
The Pulpster   US  
Quantum Muse US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Quarterly West US Little/Literary
Queen's Quarterly Canada Non-Fiction
Radio Times UK Non-Fiction
Railfan and Railroad US General
Rain Taxi US Little/Literary
Rampike Canada Little/Literary
Raritan US Little/Literary
Rattapallax US Little/Literary
The Raven Chronicles US Little/Literary
Ravenwood Quarterly US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Reader's Digest US General
The Reading Room US Little/Literary
Red Rock Review US Little/Literary
Red Room US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Red Sun Magazine   US SF/Fantasy/Weird
REH: Two-Gun Raconteur   US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Review [1968] US Little/Literary
The Ring US Non-Fiction
The Ringing World UK Non-Fiction
Rio Grande Review US Little/Literary
River Styx US Little/Literary
Roanoke Review US Little/Literary
Robert E. Howard Foundation Newsletter US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Rolling Stone US Non-Fiction
Room Canada Little/Literary
Rosebud [1993] US Little/Literary
St. Anthony Messenger US Non-Fiction
Salamander US Little/Literary
Salmagundi US Little/Literary
Salt Hill Journal US Little/Literary
Samovar US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Santa Monica Review US Little/Literary
Sargasso: The Journal of William Hope Hodgson Studies US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Saturday Evening Post US General
Scholastic Magazine US  
Science Fiction Classics [2014] US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Science Fiction Trails US SF/Fantasy/Weird, Western
Science World US Non-Fiction
Scifaikuest US  
SciFan Magazine US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Scribble: The Short Story Magazine UK General
The Seattle Review US Little/Literary
Semiotext(e) US Little/Literary
Seneca Review US Little/Literary
Seven Days US Non-Fiction
Seventeen US Non-Fiction
Sewanee Review US Little/Literary
Shadows & Tall Trees US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Shenandoah US Little/Literary
Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine US Mystery/Detective
Shimmer US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Shocking Stories UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Shock Totem US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Shoreline of Infinity UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Shroud   US SF/Fantasy/Weird
The Silent Companion US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Sinister Wisdom US Little/Literary
Skelos US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Sleuth Magazine   Canada Mystery/Detective
Slipstream [1981] US Little/Literary
Snake Nation Review US Little/Literary
Sonora Review US Little/Literary
So to Speak US Little/Literary
South Carolina Review US Little/Literary
South Dakota Review US Little/Literary
Southern Humanities Review US Little/Literary
The Southern Review [1935] US Little/Literary
Southwest Review US Little/Literary
Space Adventures [2016] UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Space and Time US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Spark: A Creative Anthology US Little/Literary
The Spectator [1828] UK Non-Fiction
Spectral Realms US  
Spinetingler Magazine US  
Spirit's Tincture US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Spitball: The Literary Baseball Magazine US Sports, Little/Literary
Sports Illustrated US Non-Fiction
SQ Mag Australia SF/Fantasy/Weird
Stand UK Little/Literary
Star*Line US  
Star Wars Insider US Non-Fiction
Stone Telling US SF/Fantasy/Weird
StoryHack Action & Adventure US General
Story Quarterly US Little/Literary
The Strand Magazine [1998] US Mystery/Detective
Strange Aeons [2010] US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Strange Detective Stories [2011] UK Mystery/Detective
Strange Horizons US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Strange Sorcery UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
StringTown US Little/Literary
Stylus [2000s] US Little/Literary
Sub-Terrain Magazine Canada Little/Literary
Success (US) US Non-Fiction
The Sun US Little/Literary
Sunday Post UK Non-Fiction
The Sunday Telegraph UK Non-Fiction
The Southeast Review US Little/Literary
Sunset US Little/Literary
Supernatural Tales UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Suspense Magazine [2009] US Mystery/Detective
Swill US General
Switchblade US Mystery/Detective
Sword & Fantasy   US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Sycamore Review US Little/Literary
Tales from the Pulps US Adventure/War
Tales of Horror UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Tales of the Weird and Uncanny UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Tales of the Weird West UK SF/Fantasy/Weird, Western
Talking River Review US Little/Literary
Tampa Review US Little/Literary
The Tarpeian Rock US Non-Fiction
The Tatler [1901] UK Non-Fiction
Teen Ink US Juvenile
The Tender Grape UK Juvenile, Story Paper
Terrifying Tales UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Terror Tales [1997] UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Texas Review US Little/Literary
Theaker's Quarterly Fiction US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Thema US Little/Literary
Third Coast US Little/Literary
3:AM Magazine US  
Threepenny Review US Little/Literary
Thrilling Tales [2007] UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Tiferet US Non-Fiction
Tigershark Magazine UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Tikkun US Little/Literary
Timber Creek Review   US Little/Literary
Time [1923] US Non-Fiction
Time Out London UK Non-Fiction
Time Out New York US Non-Fiction
The Times Literary Supplement UK Little/Literary
The Times Magazine UK Non-Fiction
Tin House US Little/Literary US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Town & Country US Non-Fiction
Transition [1960] US Little/Literary
Trap Door US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Tri-Quarterly US Little/Literary
True West US  
Trysts of Fate US SF/Fantasy/Weird
TV Guide US Non-Fiction
Twisted Dreams Magazine US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Uncanny Magazine US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Unlikely Story US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Unnerving Magazine US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Vanity Fair (US) US Non-Fiction
The Varsity Magazine Canada Non-Fiction
Varsity (UK) UK Non-Fiction
The Virginia Quarterly Review US Little/Literary
Vogue US Non-Fiction
Voices: The Journal of New York Folklore US Little/Literary
The Walrus Canada Non-Fiction
War, Literature & The Arts US Little/Literary
Wasafiri UK Little/Literary
Washington Square US Little/Literary
Weber Studies US Little/Literary
The Weekly News UK Non-Fiction
Weirdbook US SF/Fantasy/Weird
Weird Fiction Review US Non-Fiction
West Branch US Little/Literary
Western Humanities Review US Little/Literary
Westways   US Non-Fiction
Whiskey Island Magazine US Little/Literary
Whistling Shade: A Twin Cities Literary Journal US Little/Literary
The William and Mary Review US Little/Literary
Willow Springs US Little/Literary
Windsor Review Canada Little/Literary
Windy City Pulp Stories   US Non-Fiction
Witness US Little/Literary
Woman [1937] UK  
Woman and Home UK Non-Fiction
Woman's Own UK Non-Fiction
Woman's Way Ireland Non-Fiction
Woman's Weekly UK Story Paper
Woman's World [1986] US Non-Fiction
Worcester Review US Little/Literary
World Literature Today US Little/Literary
Worlds of Strangeness   UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Worlds of the Unknown   UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Wormwood UK  
Xavier Review US Little/Literary
Yale Literary Magazine US Little/Literary
The Yale Review US Little/Literary
The Yalobusha Review US Little/Literary
Yankee Magazine US Non-Fiction
Yellow Medicine Review US Little/Literary
The Yellow Sign UK SF/Fantasy/Weird
Yemassee US Little/Literary
Yours UK Non-Fiction
Zoetrope: All-Story US General
ZYZZYVA, The Last Word US Little/Literary